CJ#1: 4 Elements of the Earth


For my first visual representation, I drew some symbols that represents Water, Sun, Soil and Air.

These four elements are simple and basic things that we can easily find in our daily lives. They are the ones what make the environment, and to extent, the world to be sustainable and allow all living things – including humans, of course – to be alive.

Nevertheless, because we are too familiar with these critical elements, we often forget how important they are. Even more, we cause damages on them, which brings a huge impact on other species, as well as ourselves. In other words, we are not very good at appreciating all the benefits that we receive from our nature. Consequently, the nature we are living in is continuously being damaged and suffering from global warming and climate change.

However, to make a change in this problem, I would argue that the first thing we can do is to be aware of how our little acts would impact on the environment and being responsible for. Because as what R. W. Kimmerer said, “at least we can do in return is to pay attention.” Also In this way, humans could become more respectful and what Friluftsliv suggests, learn how to “interact with nature.”

Additionally, it is important for us educators to know this awareness. Because when we pass down the awareness to our next generations, they would recognize themselves within the nature, which will result in fruitful communications between humans and the nature.

Remind R. W. Kimmerer’s question: “How will people ever care for the fate of moss spiders if we don’t teach students to recognize and respond to the world as gift?”



One thought on “CJ#1: 4 Elements of the Earth

  1. tiannasteachingjourney says:

    The four symbols you drew certainly are vital to life, and it is important to protect them as you suggested. I like that you suggest we learn to understand, appreciate, and interact with nature. Surely these values are important to pass down to future generations in order to keep our environment healthy. You also mention that our environment is being damaged by us as humans, causing global warming and climate change. What are some ways you think we can reduce these damages? Nice post Sua!


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