Week 12: Constructions of School Leaders

3 things I learned:

  1. In today’s lecture, we talked about the school administrator, specifically about the principal/vice principal, and what makes an ‘effective’ principal. Hierarchically speaking, principal would be the head of the school. He/she is in charge of creating and sustaining effective and comfortable environment for students to learn, for teachers to teach, as well as for all admins and other staffs to work. I learned that there are several elements that determines what it means to be an ‘effective’ principal’, including establishing the vision, mission and culture of the school, having instructional leadership, being able to strategically allocate the resources, and engaging in planning, implementing, monitoring curriculum, instruction and improvement planning. Principal provides supportive environment for all school community members.
  2. Also, I learned that it is significant to build a strong relationship between the principal and the school community because it plays a key role for students in achieving success. The fact that principal knows his/her community well means that the school itself is able to understand the culture of the community, which would create a huge positive impact on each student’s learnings and lives at the school.
  3. Lastly, I learned that the role of principal is changing as multifaceted and complex role. Due to this, principals would need to be flexible, continuously set and adapt the goals as needed, while considering the needs of the school community.


2 connections:

  1. As start point, we had a turn and talk moment about any positive experiences we have had with/from principals/vice principals throughout our schooling years. People shared many great experiences/memories they have their principals, and all were described as ‘friendly’. Unfortunately, I have not had any vice/principals who was ‘friendly’ or ‘nice’ to the students. All I can remember from my experiences is that principals just staying in their office all the time, and only showing up when it’s a special occasion like a graduation. Actually, I didn’t know that a principal can be friendly and nice to the students because I have never had one. To me, the image of principal was always authoritative person who was busy with his/her office work and never smiled to anyone. Although being cold does not necessarily mean that he/she did not care about their students, I wish I had a warm principal because it would make a huge difference in my reminiscence of schools.
  2. Another connection I made this week was about how media portrays principals. In majority portrayals that I have seen, principals are viewed as the one disciplines students and values the rules. But, having a discussion about the positive experiences with principals in the class led me to connect with the last lecture’s topic, ‘teacher as identity’, and how it’s been affected by the media. In other words, disciplinarian principal is one of the ‘popular images’ of principals, which consists the principal identity. And as I said in the last lecture, having certain image of an individual creates certain expectation of that person that could bring either positive or negative results.


1 Question:

If you have a disagreement with your administrator that you strongly believe that your belief is right, how would you respond to this situation?


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